Preschool Room

42-60 Months Old

Our Preschool Room has been carefully developed and equipped to help children as they make the transition into Primary Education. ​

It is our aim that by the time children leave their Early Days care, they are confident learners who are ready for the beginning of their reception year in school. Our practitioners encourage as much independence as possible through carefully planned opportunities allowing children to make free choices.​

Our practitioners support the children through these areas:

  • Construction/small world area
  • Mark making area
  • Play-dough
  • Water/sand area
  • Computer area
  • Book/reading area
  • Role play area

Children are like little sponges at this age constantly asking questions on the world around them so we like to ensure we nurture their inqusitivity. Group activities and individual learning are encouraged to help them to understand how they learn, how to engage with others with social etiquette and how to engage within groups. We like to think we help them to grow their confidence in themselves ready for their next steps at school.