2 1/2 – 3 1/2 Room

30 – 42 Months Old

Our 2 1/2 – 3 ½ Years room offers lots of space for children to go to the next level with their learning. This room offers plenty of space and stimulation for them to move around a little more independently and explore.

Your child will really start to have a grasp of what they like by now, and what they choose to play with will give clues as to how they learn. Through structured activities such as song, dance or adventure activities they will develop many of their new skills through play. 

The variety in this room is geared towards decision making and enhancing their own learning methods without them even realising. Construction activities or den building develops great problem solving and team engagement while books or solo play activities will help with concentration.

Children are also supported in this room to access drinking water independently throughout the day and nurture good hygiene habits such as washing hands.

With our knowledgeable practitioners on hand to recognise and support the growing independence of the children, it’s fasciniating to see just how much they flourish 

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