Eco Commitment

In addition to the welfare and happiness of the children and staff our next priority concerns sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint. We teach the children the importance of issues such as reducing CO2 in the atmosphere.  It is after all their future.  They are also the generation who will be the future leaders and so even at their young age, they are happy to learn and do their bit such as putting their rubbish into the correct recycling bins – as well as enjoying such activities, it teaches children to be more conscious of nature and the environment.  

In addition to promoting healthy eco values and attitudes, we do whatever we can to reduce our own carbon footprint:

We have installed a 24kW solar pv system.

We have installed a very efficient electric heating system together with a hot water tank which also draws from the pv system,

We have switched our electricity supplier to Octopus Energy who use only renewable sources, 

We have changed our refuse collection to ensure that as much material as possible is recycled,

We have cut down our meat consumption with plans to cut it further and increase plant based foods, 

We also have plans in place at the moment to extend our garden in order to plant more trees and give the children a bigger outdoor experience of nature. 

We have also established our own vegetable plot.

We’re not quite eco warriors but we do believe that it’s healthy to teach children the part they play within society while they are young and open to exploring so much around them. We allow them to form their own opinions of course, but it’s peace of mind for parents that we are not a wasteful organisation.